Now is today too late to wish you all a Happy New Year? I reckon I’m doing pretty well with my sentiments as we haven’t quite got to the love-in that is Valentine’s Day and I haven’t see any Easter bunnies hopping around this morning but I’m told on good authority that Creme Eggs are in the shops already. Living in the countryside the chances of seeing nature working at its finest are high so I’m poised to see a rabbit or twenty before the week is out. I’m going to go with the fact that it is still a safe minimum distance in time and say, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
My New Year’s resolution this year is to get some love in my life. I’m not talking the family kind, sorry Mama J, Granny and Grandpa you just don’t apply on my loving hit list. I’m talking the romantic kind where I get wined and dined. Okay so I’m a Yorkshire Terrier and I’m only nine years old, so that makes me under age for the wining part therefore we better stick to a bowl of water when out and about. I’d hate for my blossoming love life to be the cause for someone losing their alcohol licence. 
   This all started on New Year’s Day. I’m one fast worker on the romance front! I was whisked away to the pub in the village by my lovely and extremely handsome friend Watson. My Grandpa and Watson’s Dad decided to go for a beer and this was the perfect opportunity for Watson and I to have our first proper date. I’ve been to his house several times now for playdates with my stud muffin Lurcher/cross but this was a really big deal for us as we could show the whole village that we were “an item”… Oh ah Mrs how exciting!

Firstly we went for a stroll, paw in paw of course around the village and then we followed Grandpa and Watson’s Dad in through the back door of the pub. The two gents ordered their drinks and took a seat each and Watson and I were waited on paw and paw by the lovely lady behind the bar. She brought us over some doggie chocolate biscuits, which we munched on until our hearts were content. Grandpa and Watson’s Dad chatted as I got animated with all of the goings on in the pub. The football was on the telly so it was a lively affair as local team Leeds United were in action. Being a Yorkshire lass you’d think I’d be cheering them on, however coming from Bradford originally I put a hex on them as soon as we walked in the building. Not very sporting I know but you can take a girl out of Bradford City but you can’t take Bradford City out of the girl. Now I’m obviously very good at this voodoo magic malarkey as Leeds lost 4-2 to Nottingham Forest that day. Mama J is pleased to know that I’ve removed my hex against her team, Manchester United and they are back to winning ways with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the helm. I reckon he not only has crisps and cake whilst watching games himself but he has incentivised the team by offering them a packet of Walker’s Salt and Vinegar followed by a few of Mr Kipling’s exceedingly good cakes for a win. 
Watson and I enjoyed our rowdy date and I managed not to get myself barred for barking and wagging my tail to much as the ball was flying passed the Leeds Goalkeeper and into the back of the net. However I’ve got a taste for going different places with either my Grandpa or other members of my family. 


  1. Happy New Year to you sweet Elsie and your handsome beau Watson and of course tp all your family
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Hello there Princess Leah. I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas and New Year period too. Have a great rest of your week. Licks, paws and woofs, Elsie. xxx