After my motivational you can do anything/call to paws blog post I decided to exercise my rights to do absolutely nothing for a whole month and a bit. My paws and claws were tired from all the tippy tapping that is expected in the role of doggie blogging supremo, that I just wanted to chill out and eat cheese! Dairylea, Double Gloucester and Cheddar you may all apply to pass my beautifully undershot jawline. Of course not forgetting Babybel here. Come on everyone singalong with me to the adverts theme song… If you don’t know the words I’ll put them at the bottom of this post for your amusement and entertainment. May I add that sadly no I’m not getting sponsored for this cheesy post or rousing free for all tuneful racket but may get in touch with the oh circular red one to start such a cheese loving revolution?

Granny and Grandpa have been away since I last typed. Yes, they were leaving on a jet plane only they did know when they’d be back again and that was a whole four days later. So again I was left in my favourite position which was to be the boss of Mama J! Now I’m quite a kind mild mannered boss. So no thinking I’m like the super talented but totally ruthless Meryl Streep character in The Devil Wears Prada. The only similarity is I look just as fabulous in my stylish red heart encrusted collar and selection of winter coats as she did in her sharp suited and booted outfits. Being with me for a few days clearly encouraged Mama J on the style front. Well, I am such an influencer and trendsetter for all the pooches in my neighbourhood, so it was obviously going to rub off on the human front eventually too.
    Yes, Mama J was with me for a few days and on Granny and Grandpa’s return she went a little crazy! Spending on clothes and jewellery like she’d joined the bloody Kardashian family. We sat down as a family the other evening to watch an episode from 2016 and we girls of the Chelton household had total fridge envy! Yes, I know it’s a little bit strange to get envious of someones cold food storage area but then just think how many cans of Chappie you could have on standby! For a Yorkshire Terrier with my eyes firmly on the belly filling prize this was really no laughing matter. Grandpa was the only one not impressed by any of it as he thought they were quite frankly slightly dumb. Okay so I don’t think any of them will be joining Mensa’s Facebook page anytime soon but they’ve certainly used what talents they were given to great commercial effect. Now guys let’s all pose for an Instagram selfie!

One of Mama J’s purchases was a red coat which she is going wear exclusively, this sounds like a backstage access all areas event, for walking me. Well, of course Mama J has to keep up appearances when stepping out with The Cool One! If Jose Mourinho can claim The Special One title then I’m definitely having The Cool One! She found that she wanted to up her game as the weather, paws crossed gets warmer. Chance will be a fine thing after last weeks freezing cold temperatures here in Blighty. One morning my leg hair came back covered in snow balls and I didn’t even get the pleasure of throwing any rolled up white stuff! They were like cling ons, velcroing themselves to my body. A new version of the game Dart Ball perhaps? Anyway she will hopefully be updating her look from her Liam Gallagher circa 1990s parka coat to that of the children’s fable that is Little Red Riding Hood. A story book character as a style icon is a start I guess!

Anyway folks let’s finish as promised with the immortal words of, “Bab, bab, bab, bab, Babybel!”


  1. Mmmmm, cheese, yum yum
    I hope Granny and Grandpa brought back suitable TREATS for deserting you on a jet plane?
    My peeps have special walkies jackets as well, sum thingy to do with dirty paws...I had no idea they had such dirty paws (Oh, Mum has just corrected me, apparently its my paws that get dirty...go figure!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Hello Princess Leah hope you're well. I think I must be losing my touch as they never brought me anything back from their jollies unless lots of kisses and cuddles count, as they were offered in abundance on their return. I can't believe you have dirty paws. I try and avoid puddles where possible and at times have to be carried over them for my paws safety! At this time of year a bi-daily dip the sink is unavoidable I'm afraid . Roll on summer! Take care and chat soon. Licks and paws, Elsie. xxx