Well, I managed to get through my week closely monitoring Mama J’s every movement. It was a challenge but one I feel I rose to so very well. I’m such a formidable boss lady even if I do say so myself! If she breathed too heavily or sniffled into her handkerchief too much, I was there staring into her eyes to make sure she was up for the day and walking activities that lay ahead.

I had her out and about touring every village in our vicinity and chasing off other pooches that got in our way. We had the most beautiful weather for our “tour” which did turn into a Mini Cooper adventure in Primrose, Mama J’s set of wheels. I so enjoyed riding shot gun next to Mama J watching the countryside fly by and then getting my paws on unfamiliar turf for a stroll. Seen as these villages were local I didn’t need to play the role of navigator. However next time Granny and Grandpa go away, I live in hope that we may go further afield and I may get to use my map reading skills to there limits.

On one walk we went to such a pretty village that had a duck pond in the centre of it. Things were going swimmingly (pardon the pun) when I spotted a duck descending into the water. With that I was pulling hard on my lead to give chase. Mama J on the other hand didn’t share my enthusiasm for that sort of sporting activity. This was probably due to the fact that Mama J can’t swim. Where were a pair of armbands when she needed them? Thankfully for her I’m just a Yorkshire Terrier and not a German Shepherd and she’s more than powerful enough to pull herself and me to a minimum safe distance away from the waters edge. I swear as I was moved swiftly away from the pond I could hear the duck quacking, “Na! Na! Na! You won’t get me now!” Therefore I have decided that Mama J is going to learn to swim. I’ve already been online looking at lesson timetables and I’m just going gently persuade her to go along for a splash. So next time my little ducky pal you, Mama J and I are going to have some proper watery fun!

On Tuesday Mama J had to show willing and go to work for the afternoon. Well, they do pay her and this leads to the me living the lavish lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to, so I fully support her going behind her shop counter. Whilst Mama J was earning her crust, I was living the high life! I got to spend a lovely afternoon with my handsome boy Watson and his equally fabulous Mum on a play date at his house.
   I had the best time laid on Watson’s Mum’s lap watching the beautiful and talented Keeley Hawes in The Durrells. I don’t know whether this made Watson a bit jealous as he’s not allowed on the sofa or on people’s laps but I did keep a look out for squirrels whilst I was up there so Watson could chill out. I must remember not to bark out The Durrells plot line though when Granny has a catch up session later this week, I’ll be getting a large case of déjà vu when that comes on the telly! Anyway I give massive thanks to Watson and his wonderful family for their kindness and for welcoming me into their lovely home. It was a real treat.
As well as walking me a record three times a day. See I said to you all I’d be a hard task master and I certainly wasn’t lying. I also witnessed Mama J doing other strenuous activities. No, it wasn’t anything smutty, you mucky minded lot! She CLEANED the bathrooms, HOOVERED the carpets and WASHED and IRONED clothes!  All this was done under my watchful and indeed amazed eye. I earned myself a few more treats for my brilliant supervisory role in all of this when Granny and Grandpa came home to an extremely tidy house indeed. They needed a lie down to get over the shock!

When Mama J got home from work on Friday we were told tales of Granny and Grandpa’s Majorcan holiday. They went to visit Grandpa’s Step-Mum, Sue and her gorgeous Papillon dog, Bruma. Now it was said that Bruma rivalled me on the barking at other dogs scale. However I’m pleased to announce baring an altercation on a street corner that my crown is firmly still in tact!
   I’m sure if Bruma and I ever crossed paths and came wet black nose to wet black nose that there would be a healthy rivalry akin to boxing’s Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko’s.

However seen as Bruma is as Peggy Mitchell used to say, “Family!” I’m sure we’d be respectful and in the end loving towards each other. First there was the Eastenders Mitchell’s, then the Emmerdale Dingle’s and now the Chelton dogs! I’m off the get myself a passport and a plane ticket to Palma airport, Bruma and I are going to have some fun terrorising her manor together!


  1. It is good that you are around to watch and report on your lady's life.

    1. Oh yes I'm definitely the spy within ha ha! Have a brilliant week.

  2. I luffs going out fur rides in the car as well!
    Oh and did you see Peggy Mitchells life story this weekend..'Babs'?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Yes it was very much girls on tour last week. I'm sure we could have our own TV programme one day travelling around the UK's beautiful villages, reporting on good pub grub! Yum now there is a plan! No we didn't see "Babs" but think Barbara Windsor is a living legend. Hope you enjoyed the show though. Take care and have a lovely week. Licks and paws, Elsie. xxx