Today we went on an adventure! Yes, folks I’m back home now with my family all in tact and the kettle has been on already for a warming brew. So no we aren’t the Bear Grylls, Steve Backshall or Ray Mears type of adventurous explorers where a trek can last for weeks on end. Especially not Mama J who moans when it gets too hot, moans when it gets too cold and moans when she doesn’t have her life style luxuries, especially a toilet on cue around every roadside corner! We found Tesco in Filey has a fine one though so she was just about okay on that front barring the mad Supermarket Sweep dash into the shop to find it. Dale Winton would’ve been so proud of her speedy nature around that store!

We have been on a “family day” to the seaside, I know those words send a shudder down most peoples bodies. The idea that family fun has to be regimented really isn’t much fun at all. Well, that’s what Granny said before we set off anyhow. Grandpa was the organiser of this expedition and I however was a very willing participant indeed. Having said that Mama J and Granny needed some, no sorry lots of extra motivation along the way and that was just to get them both into the car this morning. Now you’d have thought we were going on a six months trek to The Himalayas as he was packing the car up not a two hour trip to Filey. He was insisting that Granny wore her walking boots or her wellies because the pebbles on the beach maybe a little bit steep to climb up today. Granny being a rebellious sort just stuck with her ordinary day boots, oh the defiance! He was also telling them to put extra clothes on and they both smugly laughed in his face and told him they were both adults and knew how to dress themselves. 
   May I move on two hours and Mama J was nearly in tears? No correction on that statement as tears were actually streaming down her face as she was moaning on and on that she couldn’t feel her feet, legs, face and fingers. Now Mama J, Grandpa can give you some excellent lessons in dressing yourself to combat the elements. It all starts with running upstairs to your bedroom and putting some more clothes on! Mama J’s face was such a picture that Granny threatened to take a photograph and put it on all her social media accounts. This however didn’t happen as Mama J insisted that she was so cold that she would’ve given Frozen’s Elsa a run for her money in the freezing the planet with a frosty look and a wave of her blue fingers front.  

I on the other paw was absolutely in my element. I did extremely well with the other dogs that were off their leads and on the beach. I got sniffed at by two dogs at the same time and only batted an eyelash when one of them tried to get friendly with my bum. Honestly take me back to the Victorian era when gentlemen doggies had some manners and knew how to behave around a lady! While Granny and Mama J walked along the sea front, Grandpa and I headed for the real Baywatch action. No not Mitch Buchannon’s life guard tower but the waves. If we’d have had our swimming costumes on we’d have been diving in there. However we had to settle for a sedate paddle. Oh I loved the wind blowing through my Yorkshire Terrier hair and the mixture of sand and sea between my paws and claws.
Once we were done splashing around it was up to one of the many cafes on the sea front to order a hot chocolate and of course some scrumptious fish and chips. When in Rome eh? My family all drank their hot chocolates with the wind bracing at their faces, however once they’d waited for their fish and chips to arrive Mama J could take no more of the cold. She was off like a bat out of hell back to the car. For someone who couldn’t feel her feet or legs she made pretty good use of them. We (yes I even had a nibble on Grandpa’s piece of fish and a few of Mama J’s chips) ate the seaside’s yummy offerings back in the car and then it was time to come back home with me snuggled up on Mama J’s lap all the way, dreaming of our next coastal adventure.


  1. The seaside!!!! OMD, how wonderful….you got to feel real sand on your paws, I am green wiv jellyness. And, and….fish and chips on the way home!?!? Sounds like the most pawsome day out!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Oh those fish and chips were beautiful! I'll just have to settle for my ordinary doggie dinner until next time I get to visit the beach. Going to kidnap Mama J and Primrose the Mini and make her drive me there again! Have a great week. Licks and paws as always, Elsie. xxx

  2. It's good to meet you! What a grrreat day you had!
    Yur New Furend,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

    1. It's really fantastic to meet you too. I always like making new friends and hearing their tales (tails). Yes it was a marvellous day. I've had to settle for my normal village strolls the last few days since my seaside adventure. Although we have a holiday in the Lake District planned in July, so I'm getting my paws ready for all the walking we will be doing then. Take care and have a lovely week. Woofs, licks and paws, Elsie. xxx