Last Monday evening we had a visit from two of our lovely friends who brought a new edition to their family gang with them. This edition was a little strange for me at first as it made lots of odd noises, was significantly smaller than most of the other visitors we’ve had to our house and had some quirky floor and sofa moves. Yes, folks this was a BABY!
   I haven’t had a lot to do with babies or shall I call them little people before but what an endearing introduction to them handsome Eli was. He was so smily and seemed very enamoured with me. He wanted to get near me and fuss me, this I suspect is because he lives with two doggies of his own named Bonnie and Austin, as well as two gorgeous ginger cats who remind Mama J of the cartoon character Garfield. I hope those cats aren’t descendants of the wild woman named Flora who lives opposite to me otherwise that whole family are in trouble, she’s a nutter! 
   Bonnie the Cocker Spaniel brought her own wonderful blend of cheer when she came to stay here a few years ago and was very good pals with Marble when he was alive. Mama J very much enjoyed morning cuddles with her when she came bounding in her bedroom and bounced on her bed.
   Little Eli enjoyed making lots of noise with the musical lion toy he brought to keep him entertained while the grownups ate dinner. His parents said that is one of his favourite toys although the songs it plays get a bit repetitive after a thousand or so times being played. I wonder who could’ve bought him that wonderful but annoying present, Mama J? Eli also enjoyed playing with my toys once he’d spotted them in my toy basket. Yes, pooches out there your life isn’t complete without a toy basket full of the latest squeaking and rustling toys. I was a bit bemused at first as to why this beautiful boy was playing with MY toys and MY Grandpa was encouraging him to do so. However he picked out Terence The Turkey as his favourite one and let’s put it this way anyone who loves Terence as much as I do is a very good friend of mine indeed. As the Toy Story song goes, “You’ve got a friend in me!” What impeccable taste in toys Eli has, he can call around for dinner again whenever he likes. Oh and I thought his lion was a pretty cool toy too.
   After dinner we all adjourned to the living room and Eli was showing us his break dancing moves on the floor (he could go on Ashley Banjo’s new programme Dance, Dance, Dance in a few years time) and the sofa as I lay with my Grandpa and calmly watched him playing with his Mummy, my Granny and Mama J. My family were so pleased with my behaviour towards Eli, as to their knowledge (being as rescue Yorkshire Terrier makes it hard) I haven’t had too much to do with little people especially gorgeous babies. Mama J was like a proud Mother getting a glowing report at the school parents evening. 

I brought a virus into my home on Thursday. No, my social media accounts hadn’t been hacked by Russian spies in the run up to any government elections. This was a medical virus and left me feeling more than a little jaded.
   I woke up on Granny and Grandpa’s bed as usual but I started lapping as if I was going to be sick. Granny pulled my fleecy throw around me just in case I felt the urge to puke, as it’s easier to wash a throw rather than a whole bedspread. Yes, we found that one out when I was sick on Mama J’s quilt cover and Granny couldn’t be bothered with changing it until the morning. She bathed it with a cloth and blasted the cover and me with a hairdryer, disturbing the whole household in the process.
   Granny thought my tummy was overloaded with meaty treats such a steak, chicken and then pork as I had enjoyed tit bits from a lot of dinners last week. I bring a whole new meaning to the expression carnivore!
   After my morning walk I laid on my cushions on the sofa until Mama J and Granny came to join me for their morning brew and biscuits. This is when I turned worryingly pathetic as I moved from Granny to Mama J and then back again to Granny. I was just staring at my girls as if to say, “Please fuss me. I’m fragile and need attention now!” Mama J moved to the floor and I jumped into her lap and lay my head down gaining lots of oh’s and ah’s as I snuggled in.
   I kept lapping but wasn’t actually sick all day until Grandpa came home from work when I lay my illness thickly on him as well. All evening I was unsettled as I sat in Grandpa’s lap looking for sympathy and feeling utterly sorry for myself. Granny was concerned whether it was my teeth playing up again or I had a sore throat (I do an awful lot of shouting on my walks) and vowed that if I was worse on Friday then I was going to see the Vets or if my condition hadn’t improved at all by today I was off to a visit. 
   Come Friday morning though I was full of the joys of spring (I wish the weather felt the same) which is more than I can say for Granny and Mama J, who both had a sore throat and the start of the sniffles. I can recommend honey as that’s what Granny let me lick off her finger to soothe my condition. However I draw the line at sucking lemons. What do you think I am? A student playing a drinking game? I’m a puritan just like my Mama J. Water is the order of my every day.


  1. Hello fellow Terrier.
    We are delighted to make your acquaintance.
    Thank you for visiting our blog.
    Molly, Monty and Winnie.

    1. You're welcome. I loved looking at your frosty pictures even though they did make me want to move a little closer to the radiator. Enjoy your week my new friends. Licks and paws, Elsie. xxx

  2. A Baby!!!! Did he drop foodables for you??? And I hope there was a reciprocal arrangement with the toys
    Are you all better now, there are some horrid colds around,my Mum was ill for over a week but at least it made her an easy target for snuggling!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Eli is such a cutie, I didn't mind sharing my toys with him. Foodables came from his parents who know the drill with me and my belly, feed me ha ha! Mama J and Granny still have a dry cough but I'm my usual bright and sunny self thanks. Hope your Mum is doing better now too, I'm sure she appreciated those targeted snuggles. Licks and paws, Elsie. xxx

  3. Hey Elsie! Thanks bunches for visiting my bloggie! I am so happy to meet another black and tan! BOL
    I hopes you're feelin' betters! And your peeps! being sick is the pits!
    Ruby ♥

    1. You're absolutely welcome, I really enjoyed your posts. Yes we black and tans are super special, I'm sure you'll agree. I'm bright as a button now thanks. Although Mama J and Granny have a dry cough I'm sure they'll be okay in a few days. Have a super week. Licks and paws, Elsie. Xxx