I’d like to say a massive, “Congratulations!” to Ore Oduba on his and partner Joanne Clifton’s Strictly Come Dancing win at the weekend. His jive was sublimely brilliant and the improvement in his skill set through the competition was second to none. 
   However Mama J, Granny and Grandpa were all rooting for Danny Mac, as they felt he was the more accomplished dancer throughout all the weeks and at most times looked like a professional. Grandpa and Mama J were frantically voting for Danny and Oti on Saturday evening. They both used up their six Internet votes (the BBC were so generous and my family loved it) but at times it was a hair raising experience. Mama J couldn’t remember her BBC password and this vote, well it mattered, oh yes it really mattered!
   Once she was signed in after resetting her password, it was like she was a contestant on Countdown (everyone sing along to the Countdown clock music if you wish) and she managed to register her final vote just as Tess and Claudia announced the lines were now closed. I think phew would’ve being one of the Countdown words she would’ve come up with when the clock went boom.
   My family were slightly disappointed that Danny didn’t win, however they did vote so felt they could have a little moan about the result, unlike those that didn’t bother voting at all. I know who you are and Mama J will be paying you a visit! Just kidding!
   When I say Mama J had a little moan, she was very conservative in comparison to when Chris Fountain lost the Dancing On Ice final to Suzanne Shaw. This was a travesty in our house on the grandest scale. Mama J was so appalled by the 2008 final that she ranted on about it every year until the programme was taken off air. Everyone please blame Mama J for the popular show being removed from the January to March schedule. I think the producers heard her cries and got bored of listening to them every single year from there on in.
   Mama J’s shock was about the fact that Suzanne did too much flying and not enough actual skating in the flying section. It was meant to be Dancing On Ice not Flying On Ice! Mama J is going red in the face (think Eastenders Phil Mitchell prior to the jaundice look he has today) again while she’s explaining this to me for me to tell you about. I wasn’t even born when all this happened and even Marble was just a twinkle in his Mother’s eye, so it was poor Wesley that had to endure the Dancing On Ice hardship of that year’s outcome.
   I’ve got one thing to say to you Mama J and here it goes, “Move on! It was 2008 you sad woman!” Too harsh? Well, you’ve got to be cruel to be kind and seen as Mama J will be giving herself a Christmas hernia if she continues with this ice inspired rage, it definitely needs saying in a brutal Donald Trump manner.
All the Christmas presents are wrapped in our house. I didn’t offer Granny any help as fur (sorry I’m a Yorkshire Terrier I have hair, now there’s a gem of information for you. See you’ve learned something reading this blog, I could be a teacher on the next series of Educating Yorkshire) and sticky backed plastic don’t really mix too well together. “Here’s one I made earlier!” will not be an expression I will ever be making on the Blue Peter gift wrapping front. I better reject that offer of a presenting job on that programme, although they do always have a very cute pooch in the studio, a role that I would be very well equipped to fill. Mama J will help me send out my tweaked curriculum vitae later. Social media starlet? Big tick already! Now where’s my Blue Peter badge?
Thank you for all your support this year especially when Marble pawed over responsibility of this blog. I hope I rose well to the comedy challenge and you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it. All that’s left for me to do is wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I be back early 2017 with more Doggie’s Doing A Comedy Turn!


  1. Your tree looks so pretty! Mum doesn't watch those programmes so we can't really comment.
    We think you definitely rose to the challenge.
    Elliot and Cricket x

  2. Crikey .... it's nice to meet you. thank you for stopping by my blog. That sure was nice of you. I hope we can be friends. I like Yorkies. Johnny Depp got into a bit of strife in our country a while back for bringing his Yorkies with him when he came to visit. Are you related to them by any chance??