Last Monday just after lunchtime and Mama J and I were home alone. Mama J is thirty-six years young and I’m seven-ish years old, so please don’t go worrying yourself about our wellbeing and ringing Esther Rantzen at ChildLine. Even Macaulay Culkin grew up decently enough after the perils of being left by his family. Granny and Grandpa were doing their best Chuckle Brothers impressions and completing their decorating duties at Great Granny BB’s former bungalow. Granny is quite the dab hand with a brush and a tin of paint now and what Grandpa doesn’t know about using a roller really isn’t worth worrying about.

So having finished last weeks blog posting earlier than anticipated and having a croissant (I even got a nibble too as Mama J is such a generous soul) for lunch, Mama J thought that a treat was in order for the two of us. Was it in the form of cheese or chicken? Ah a tasty doggie treat morsel or even better a new toy for me to run around the living room with, squeaking it as I went? No, this treat was better than that as it involved a car journey and a beautiful brisk sunny walk (thank goodness she didn’t pick today for our stroll, it’s a wet and cold one here in Yorkshire), oh my Mama J really knows the key to a Yorkshire Terrier’s heart.
   At first I thought just Mama J was going out as she foxed me slightly by popping my lead and harness on and then shutting me in the dining room while she moved her car down the neighbour’s driveway for a little convenience with having me in tow. I told her loudly through the keyhole not to leave me, so noisily that the TV Producers of Keith Lemon’s new version of Through The Keyhole almost called round with a film crew to see if someone famous had been locked up in my house! I’m infamous but will have to work on getting my reader numbers up to take the title of being celebrity famous. Mind you some of these reality television stars don’t tend to show much in the way of having a talent, I’m a Yorkshire Terrier with if I do say so myself an absolute talent for writing an amusing blog tale each week! 

Once Mama J had moved her Mini, Primrose on to the driveway she came back in to get me and in my fury mixed with excitement, I managed to promptly get my lead stuck under the dining room door. Help someone call David Blaine to get me out of this one, I want to go for a walk! Mama J turned into Debbie McGee and managed after having to unclip my lead from my harness (blimey that was a quick and slightly unmemorable walk) to push/pull my lead free from under the door (we were more like the Chuckle Brothers with our, “To me. To you!” than Granny and Grandpa were doing their painting and decorating jobs) With that we were off down the driveway. However as I tried to get to the roadside Mama J stopped me and opened the car door and ushered me onto the passenger seat and then clipped me securely in ready for the ride of my life. Yes! I get to ride up front when Mama J’s doing the driving. Thelma and Louise eat your hearts out… Just minus the cliff scene at the end please Mama J! 

You may recall me telling you a few weeks ago about being able to see the neighbouring village when Mama J took me out for a walk to the end of our village. Yes, I could see it from my Yorkshire Terrier vantage point as I have special powers of seeing through the hedges and undergrowth. Well, Mama J went one further and took me there for a proper wander around with lots of wee wee’s and a pooh to boot. We pulled up in Primrose and what surprised me and absolutely delighted Mama J was the fact that there was no one else around. We wandered through the fallen autumnal leaves that were on the ground, kicking them like school children as we walked and explored every corner of the exclusive estate. Mama J went into Real Mama J Of Yorkshire (it’s a new show where you can still live at home with your parents and don’t have to be a housewife, oh and it only has one star, my Mama J) mode and could envisage living up there and walking me in peace and quiet away from all the usual bark filled encounters I have with all the dogs in our busy village. 
   Once we were done there and Mama J had secured myself and just as importantly my pooh in Primrose we were off again to visit the old part of the village and its beautiful church yard for a slightly eerie walk around there. As we pulled up outside the church we could hear shouting and screaming coming down the lane leading up to the grave yard. I stood to attention and went into protective mode as I wanted to look after my Mama J as well as I could. I maybe little with eight fewer teeth (the joys of being a Yorkshire Terrier with less than perfect Rylan style pearly whites) than I should’ve but I can sure pack a paw shaped punch when necessary. 

Anyway my defensive mood wasn’t necessary at all on this occasion as it turned out that the young lady coming towards us had dementia and was out for an afternoon stroll with her carer. She had got excited as she thought she lived in the cottage next to the church yard and couldn’t understand why her carer wouldn’t let her go up the driveway and into the house. Mama J calmed me down so the lady could give me a little bit of a fuss and then after saying how lovely it was to meet the two ladies we were on our way for a look around the grave yard. Mama J you do take me to some weird and wonderful places.
   As the sun was starting to get lower in the sky leaving the grave yard looking even more spooky than when we entered it, we thought we’d better be on our way home. My constant sniffing reminded Mama J not to forget to take me pooh out of Primrose’s driver door and put it in the bin when we got back. Otherwise what a lovely aroma next time Mama J went out for a spin in her motor!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your walk and that lady was able to stroke you and say hello.
    That is quite the set of veneers, BOL! Cricket has started getting brand new teeth and even they can't live up to that shade of white.
    Elliot and Cricket x

    1. Yes it was very nice to meet the lady and her carer. Mama J did well to keep me calm enough for her to fuss me. Yes This Morning and Big Brother's Rylan has really good veneers and I don't think anybody man, woman or dog could live up to them so tell Cricket not to worry Rylan's in a tooth world of his own! Have a super week. Paws and licks, Elsie and Mama J. xx

  2. Oh I am soooo glad you let the lady fuss you Elsie, I nose when I go to see Aunty Peggy all the peeps in the home luffs stroking me and I'm told its a great help to dementia suffers
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Absolutely us doggies do a marvellous job caring for people with many different health conditions. Well done to you for looking after your Aunty Peggy so fabulously. I'm sure she loves you visiting and hope it makes her smile. Take care and have a brilliant weekend. Licks and paws, Elsie xxx.