Today started with Mama J jumping up and down enthusiastically and telling me that we were going out for the day. I listened ever so intently as these sounded like there may be exciting times ahead of us. Well, she’s been telling me that all last week but today my “morning” out actually happened. Yes, we the Chelton’s went on tour, to the Saltburn By The Sea. I was so excitable all the way there in the car that my family remarked that Marble may just have been reincarnated into the body and mind of a travelling Yorkshire Terrier. He did love the car so much, bless (my eyes are misting up now, what a soft pooch I am).
As soon as we pulled up at the car park and got out of the Freelander, I blotted my copy book as I spy with my little eye something beginning with “D”! Mama J who always needs the toilet wherever she gets to (it’s almost habitual) ran off to answer the calls of her nature but for me the fun and games began, as oh there’s another “D” followed by another one all along the ever so breezy beach front, “D’s” a far as the eye could see. Not only did I spot the other “D’s” I told the whole of Saltburn pier about it too.
What’s a girl to do but say a resounding, “HELLO!” whether anyone wanted me to or not? The consensus was not I’m afraid! Granny and Grandpa took me down onto the beach and out to greet the sea on my extendible lead. I ran crazily like a rock star staying in a posh hotel for the first time around the sand.
Mama J sat on a bench and watched the crashing waves and loony me pelting up and down the beach, I was in my element. Mama J’s hair (and indeed mine) was as Grandpa would say, “Tousled” to the maximum when we joined her back at the bench. We sat down for a breather and to all watch and feel the bracing sea, (gosh I wish I’d bought my tartan coat) and guess what I spotted again? More “D’s” strolling quietly (Granny pointed that fact out to me) along the sea front with their owners. Granny was getting more than anguished with my behaviour by this point and suggested we eat our fish and chips in the car for fear that I would get arrested on breach of the peace charges. Grandpa went off to get the fish and chips while we sat in the car park, my behaviour leads us to such glamorous places, on a Seagull pooh splattered fence.
We did start eating our fish and chips here when from under a car I spotted another “D” so we had to move along the fence until he/she was out of my eye shot. On getting back into the car Grandpa asked, “Where to next? Do you want to go to Staithes?” and Granny who was losing the will with all my creating by this point replied, “I’m not bothered!” Home we shall go then it was agreed. On the way back Mama J being ever the optimist said, “Good girl Elsie. You weren’t that bad.” Granny snapped back, “You’re delusional!” Ah she’s just like Dot Cotton/Branning with her Nick is my Mama J. Grandpa told me when we got home that today was a test and I only got a D (no that’s not for DOG) minus. Mama J said, “Ah room for improvement then!” Although I do believe that after today I may be going for days out with Mama J in Primrose come July and Granny and Grandpa will be having some nice, quiet (none eye spy) relaxing nights away. I’ve been following Granny around adoringly since we got back and I think her mood is thawing slightly, just in time for more “D” spotting action on my afternoon village walk.


  1. Elsie you and Kilo the Pug sound like you have a few things in common. He loves to shout at other dogs too, especially the big ones. I think he wants to eat them.

    1. I told Elsie that she has a kindred spirit by the name of Kilo and she is overjoyed that he shares her enthusiasm for adding creative noise to the daily exercise regime. Kilo sounds like a fabulous character, full of personality. As I tell Elsie to remember, it's always the quiet ones you've got to watch ha ha! You and Kilo have a great day. Thanks for your comment, it really amused me when I read it on my break at work.